There have been other bands with the name "Prairiegrass" however - none of these "other" Prairiegrass bands still exist today.


After moving to Winsted MN several years ago, Fiddle Player, Bonnie Hallett, began playing at jam sessions at The Three Crows Coffeehouse in Delano, MN.

It was there she met musicians, Greg Landkamer and Gary Cobus.  Greg played guitar and Gary plays banjo.

Greg and Bonnie decided to play music together and asked Gary to join them and start a band.
Greg asked his friend, Sonja to play bass for the group and the newly formed band became a four piece band.
The name "Prairiegrass" was decided upon after much thought by the band members. After checking with the guys in one of the original Prairiegrass bands
and getting their OK, the name was officially resurrected.

With the recent departure of Greg to pursue other interests, Prairiegrass members now include Bonnie Hallett, Eddie Swantek, Gary Cobus, and Sonja Johnson.
The band meets weekly at Bonnie's house in Winsted to rehearse and refine tried and true Bluegrass tunes, but also some folk and some rock tunes and
and a handful of original tunes composed by band members.

When the musicians of the Prairiegrass Band pool their various backgrounds, it is a blend of gospel, rock, blues, folk, country, and classical music.
“Each of us brings our favorite music to the group,” says Bonnie. “It doesn’t necessarily mean we are going to perform it,
but we give everybody a chance. Not one person is the main performer. We want the band to be democratic.”

Future plans for the group include composing and promoting some of their own songs.
“That is the signature of a good band,” Bonnie said. “We are working on a couple of tunes that we have composed, and I have a couple of waltzes that
I have composed for special occasions.”